Manitoba employers who hire co-op students will get tax credit

Employers will get 10 per cent credit to a maximum of $1,000 per student

The Manitoba government has unveiled a new initiative designed to encourage employers to provide a work placement for co-op education students.

The initiative consists of a new 10 per cent tax credit of up to $1,000 per student.

“Employers have identified a challenge in attracting qualified labour to fill job vacancies,” said Diane McGifford, Manitoba’s Education and Training Minister. “This tax credit is designed to help employees attract students from recognized post-secondary education programs from within and outside Manitoba. This is a strategic investment in the provincial economy.”

McGifford said co-operative educations programs are appealing because they formally integrate academic studies with work experience. For 2002-2003, there were a total of 567 college and 300 university students in co-op programs in Manitoba.

She said one advantage to the new program is that it will allow employers to hire students on a short-term basis and to offer permanent employment after a successful co-op placement.

“This new plan will support students by providing work experience and assist employers in meeting their need for qualified labour,” said McGifford. “This is a win-win situation that encourages employers to take part in work placement programs that will, over the long term, help them ensure the province has enough qualified workers to meet market demands.”

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