Meat and potato employers <br>most sought after

Canadian job seekers are attracted to organizations with traditional employee offerings

Employers that offer interesting work, regular recognition and rewards, and opportunities for quick advancement are the most popular targets for job seekers, according to a recent survey.

The recruitment survey by Accenture, a global management consulting company, queried more than 171 job seekers in Canada and identified the most-valued career goals of both entry-level and experienced job seekers.

The findings indicate that challenging and interesting work is the most important characteristic that job seekers look for in prospective employers, as chosen by 64 per cent of respondents. The potential for recognition and reward for their accomplishments was a close second, as selected by 55 per cent of respondents.

"Notable was the fact that while we know from our own employees that corporate social responsibility and diversity are important employer characteristics — things our employees demand and place high value in — the research also validated what many of us intuitively know: namely, that more tangible benefits such as rewards and recognition are most important from an external recruit's perspective," said John Campagnino, Accenture's global director of recruitment.

Rounding out the top five characteristics of greatest interest to job seekers were: opportunities for flexible working arrangements, favoured by 50 per cent of respondents; 46 per cent of respondents indicated that the likelihood of the company having long-term prosperity was a top priority; and indications that a company has a particular focus on its people was very important for 44 per cent of respondents.

Top 10 most-valued career goals for Canadian job seekers:

1. Offers challenging and interesting work

2. Recognizes and rewards accomplishments

3. Flexible working arrangements

4. Financially strong/will prosper in the long run

5. People-oriented

6. Approachable

7. Offers variety of work

8. Provides an opportunity for fast career growth

9. Innovative

10. Team-oriented

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