Mental health given low priority in Singapore workplaces

Exercise, fitness and nutrition most common health promotion topics

Companies in Singapore place a low priority on mental health, sexually transmitted diseases and chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, when it comes to setting workplace health priorities, according to a new survey by the Health Promotion Board.

The National Workplace Health Promotion Survey 2006 surveyed 688 companies, each with more than 50 employees.

Only 7.4 per cent of the companies surveyed addressed the issue of sexually transmitted diseases, 16 per cent looked at mental health and less than 20 per cent had programs addressing diabetes.

The poll found that exercise, fitness and nutrition programmes were the most common types of health topics addressed by the workplace.

Up to 65 per cent of respondents viewed health promotion in the workplace favourably, up from 50 per cent in the 2003 survey.

The survey also showed that workplaces with larger number of employees had a higher prevalence of health promotion programs, with 76.5 per cent of workplaces with more than 500 staff having such programs, compared to 57.9 per cent of workplaces with 100 to 499 staff and 46.7 per cent of workplaces with 50 to 99 staff.

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