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Summertime work practices • New standards for tourism training • Quebec needs more immigrants, French-speaking preferred

Summertime work practices

— Just because the seasons change doesn’t mean dress codes change too. More than 80 per cent of employers with business casual dress codes surveyed by Hewitt Associates said the warm weather is no reason for people to come to work dressed any more casually than the rest of the year. Of the 150 firms surveyed in total, just 22 per cent have summer work schedules, with the most popular option being more flexibility in workday start and end times.

New standards for tourism training

— The Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council has launched a national brand for tourism training, standards and professional certification. A new website, offers a one-stop shop for information on training and professional recognition. “It’s a learning resource for industry professionals with online training in flexible modularized formats for selected occupations, and online exams for more than 25 occupations from front desk agent to casino dealer to food and beverage manager,” according to the council.

Quebec needs more immigrants, French-speaking preferred

— Quebec plans to increase the number of immigrants into the province but will give preference to people who speak French. In 2003, Quebec took in 39,622 immigrants, and hopes to increase that to 48,000 over the next three years. By 2007, the Liberal government would like 52 per cent of immigrants to have a knowledge of French when they arrive, said Immigration Minister Michelle Courchesne. “The knowledge of French is an important tool that will allow newcomers to integrate more rapidly when it comes to jobs and all aspects of social life.” The government also announced new measures to help new workers integrate into the workforce more quickly and encourage more employers to hire immigrants.

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