Ontario teachers may have to go back to school

New task force and provincial guidelines make teacher training and certification more rigorous

The Ontario government has taken another step towards overhauling the teaching profession in the province, creating a task force to make recommendations about how to move forward with education reform.

The Ontario government had previously released a plan to ensure the province’s teachers get a passing grade every year. The plan includes:

•requiring teachers who took their training in a language other than English or French, to pass an English or French proficiency test;

•mandatory recertificiation of teachers every five years, beginning this fall;

•teacher evaluations, with parents included in the process. This process may result in the revoking of certification for certain teachers who don’t meet the standards;

•requiring teachers to take and pass a test on cirriculum and teaching, beginning this year.

This plan may get renewed vigour with the implementation of the new task force.

The new task force will also look at merit pay for teachers, report cards for schools and a program in which the best teachers would be designated as “master teachers,” according to the Globe and Mail.

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