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Hewitt survey highlights trends • Majority of firms happy with HR outsourcing deals: Study • Outsourcing resources • Managed HR key considerations • Archives a gold mine for outsourcing info

The debate rages on with respect to HR outsourcing, but whether you’re jumping on the bandwagon, sitting on the fence or running the other way, information is key to making a decision. The websites below provide information, mostly from vendor sites with a pro-outsourcing flavour, and therefore some should be taken with a grain of salt.

Hewitt survey highlights trends

“Years ago, HR organizations began to realize their focus on administrative activities impinged on their ability to deliver high-value services.” According to Hewitt’s 2005 HR Outsourcing: Trends and Insights survey, HR outsourcing is not only alive and well, but “will continue to grow at a healthy rate in the coming years.” The study takes on a number of aspects of outsourcing and these study highlights, offered free on Hewitt’s website, examine key points. Topics include HR trends, satisfaction with HR outsourcing, managing the transition to HR outsourcing, multiple vendors and integration, managing and selecting vendors, and lessons learned. Graphs illustrate current levels of outsourcing and forecast where levels are expected to be in the next three years with regard to benefit plan outsourcing, pay and performance outsourcing, staff management outsourcing and employee support outsourcing.

Majority of firms happy with HR outsourcing deals: Study

“More than three-fourths of executives at large North American and European companies that currently outsource one or more major human resources functions said they would do so again,” reports the Conference Board in the United States. This paper looks at highlights from the HR Outsourcing: Benefits, Challenges and Trends survey, released earlier this year. The study examines what has changed and what has stayed the same since the Conference Board’s last report on this subject in 2002, as well as benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing.

Outsourcing resources

This website is a repository for articles, case studies, research and other resources — some free and some not — covering almost every aspect of outsourcing. This Canadian version of OutsourcingCentre is the publishing and marketing side of Everest Group, an outsourcing consultant group. Everything is accessible via the left-hand menu bar, which directs visitors to articles and white papers on any number of outsourcing focus areas, including HR outsourcing.

Managed HR key considerations

This recent white paper, found on Ceridian Canada’s website, looks at HR outsourcing, referred to in the paper as “managed HR,” specifically with regard to trends and considerations around managed HR services. According to IDC, a global research firm, “both clients and suppliers are gravitating towards a preferred HR outsourcing business model…” The paper lists some recent noteworthy outsourcing deals in Canada, provides diagrams to illustrate some key concepts and discusses in detail each of five basic considerations for transforming the HR organization through a fully managed solution. These considerations include: a review and assessment of all internal HR processes, a review of outsourcing options and the reasons for considering outsourcing, processes required to assess managed HR service providers and determining best fit, ways the movement towards managed HR will influence the scope of the managed HR services contract and the type of relationship that clients should pursue with suppliers, and the benefits of a fully managed HR solution and the attributes that vendors should possess to ensure success. Includes a short glossary of key terms.

Archives a gold mine for outsourcing info

Over the last few years, Canadian HR Reporter has offered readers coverage of HR outsourcing from every angle, providing a balance of coverage both for, against and neutral. The online archives offer the benefit of this extensive cache of articles, case studies, research and resources, all readily and easily accessible to subscribers. From the home page, click on the “Advanced Search” button near the top of the main menu bar on the left of the screen. From the “Topic area” drop down box, select “Outsourcing,” and below that, from the “Sub-topic area” drop down box, select “HR Outsourcing.” A list of material will display, all hyperlinked to take the reader directly to the article of choice.

Offerings include case studies on HR outsourcing deals signed by CIBC, BMO, the Calgary Health Region and others, as well as articles discussing issues to consider and how outsourcing impacts the HR profession.

Shannon Martin nee Simson is Canadian HR Reporter’s resource editor.

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