Payroll briefs

Standardizing payroll data • Mandatory e-filing for larger Quebec firms • ROE e-filing piloted • N.S. wages climb

Standardizing payroll data

— The HR-XML Consortium has set up a working group to focus on the standardization of payroll transactions using XML. The HR-XML Consortium is a non-profit group formed to develop and promote a universal language for HR data transfers — a necessary element in meeting HR’s need for speed and uniformity in data management in a global economy. Payroll providers and employers are encouraged to participate in the development of standards. For more information go to

Mandatory e-filing for larger Quebec firms

Quebec City
— Revenue Quebec will require all employers who file 500 or more RL-1, RL-2 or RL-25 slips to do so electronically starting with 2000 year-end reporting. Currently, employers have the option of submitting returns in paper or electronic format.

ROE e-filing piloted

— Human Resources Development Canada has launched a pilot project to test the electronic submission of Records of Employment. Employers will be able to submit ROE forms (available on HRDC’s Web site) to the ministry via the Internet. HRDC will validate the ROE, assign a serial number and return it electronically to the employer for printing. Large volumes will be transferred in batches. For more information go to

N.S. wages climb

— As of Oct. 1, Nova Scotia’s experienced workers’ minimum wage will rise to $5.70 per hour. Inexperienced workers — employees who have not been employed for a total of three calendar months to do the work for which they were hired — will be paid at least $5.25 per hour.

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