PM calls for review of recruitment of foreign-trained doctors

Many suspects in British terrorist attacks doctors or med students

A review of how foreign doctors are recruited to Britain's National Health Service is needed following last week's attempted car bombings in London and the attack on Glasgow's airport, said new Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Last Friday, London police discovered two cars packed with nails, propane and gasoline near Picadilly Circus, a popular theatre and nightclub district. Then on Saturday, a flaming Jeep Cherokee crashed into the Glasgow's airport's main terminal's doors.

No one was injured in the failed London attacks and the five bystanders wounded in Glasgow weren't seriously harmed.

Among the Glasgow suspects, one man, Khalid Ahmed, is believed to have been a doctor at the royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley, a western suburb of Glasgow.

In London, another doctor, Sabeel Ahmed, was arrested in connection to the attempted attack on that city. Ahmed studied at Rajiv Gandhi University in Bagalore with fellow physician Mohammed Haneef, who was detained in Brisbane, Australia, in connection with terrorist plot.

In all, six foreign doctors, one medical student and a fromer lab technician were arrested in connection with the attempted attacks on London and the attack on Glasgow's airport. All eight detainees have ties to Britain's National Health Service.

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