Success with diversity training (Web sight)

Diversity in the workplace is becoming a popular topic among human resource practitioners as more and more people become aware not only of the moral imperatives for creating an inclusive environment but also the clear business case for a workforce that is representative of the entire community.

Six models of training

Diversity Training: In Search of Anti-Racism provides comprehensive definitions of different approaches to diversity training. If you only have time to visit one site, this is the one. Approaches considered include the “Legal Compliance Approach” and the “Prejudice Reduction Approach.” At its conclusion, the article contends that the best approach is one of “Anti-Racism,” which incorporates the strengths of the other approaches cited.

Diversity dos and don’ts

A useful list of dos and don’ts to remember when it comes time to plan diversity training. For example, do make sure you understand what diversity training is, and don’t allow trainers to use materials that might leave your company open to lawsuits.

Inequitable systems

This short article presents roadblocks to teaching value and respect for people’s differences. It introduces the notion that within existing social structures lie systems of inequity that perpetuate the advantages to select groups.

Cultural diversity in broadcasting

This document, in pdf (Adobe) form, is CHUM Television’s Best Practices — Cultural Diversity. Six pages in length, it cites the policy of CHUM with regard to equitable hiring, on-air reflection, and controversial programming. While maybe not directly transferable to other enterprises, this document gives HR practitioners insight into the development of a comprehensive diversity policy.

Women in oil and gas sector

This document, in pdf (Adobe) form, is titled Best Practices for the Retention of Women Engineers and Scientists in the Oil and Gas Sector. While this topic would seem to be of narrow interest to most readers, upon review, the issues discussed are readily transferable to other industries and disadvantaged groups.

Action plans for diversity

The Workforce Diversity Office of the Berkeley National Laboratory sponsors this Web page, which details their approach to diversity. While much of the content is related to U.S. legislation, a number of universal concepts are reviewed. At the conclusion of the presentation are a number of best practices. Follow the links from the Workforce Diversity Office icon on the right and users will be able review the diversity action plans for the different branches within the facility.

Five steps

Focuses on the retention of a diversified workforce once the recruiting is complete. Following an examination of best practices, the presentation presents alarming statistics regarding the failure of business to effectively integrate all members of society into the workforce. Ending on a note of optimism, the article concludes with “5 Steps” for each employer to undertake in order to improve their success in maintaining a diverse workforce.

Joe Nunes is an actuary and president of Actuarial Solutions Inc. in Oakville, Ont. He can be reached at (905) 257-2038 or [email protected]

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