The Charter on Addiction and Mental Health in the Global Economy

This is the text from the Charter on Addiction and Mental Health in the Global Economy.

Clear and present danger

Depression and ischemic heart disease are on a course to become the leading causes of work years lost in the global economy by 2020 through human disability and premature death.

Depression often goes hand in hand with anxiety disorders and substance abuse.

Principles of action

The mental health of the working population and their families are important to the successful workings of the 21st century economy and companies competing in it. This is an economy of mental performance.

The year May 14, 2003 - 04 will be designated the Business Year for Addiction and Mental Health.

It will focus business and economic efforts in support of the ensuing objectives.

Vision 2020

The Charter is founded on four core objectives:

1. To avert the 2020 crisis and prevent the disabling, even deadly effects of depression, anxiety and addictions through early detection and effective treatment.

2. To reduce the production losses recorded through absenteeism and downtime costs by eliminating the known top ten sources of workplace stress.

3. To promote jointly organizational, mental and cardiovascular health due to the known connection between and among depression, heart attacks and workplace stress.

4. To defeat the stigma attached to mental illness through workplace education. This is a barrier to treatment and recovery.

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