The newest executive tool? Chin implants

American men are trying to avoid being laid off by making themselves appear stronger, more confident

An increasing number of American executives, fearful of being laid off, are lining up for chin implants, according to The Times in London, England.

People with weak chins tend to be portrayed in films as cheaters or as having weak characters. So executives are getting chin implants to make themselves look stronger and more confident. In fact, a strong chin is becoming a status symbol on Wall Street.

A chin implant operation can cost less than $4,000 and patients can be back at work the next day. The procedure is often accompanied by neck liposuction to enhance the jawline.

Often execs ask for a chin like that of Michael Douglas, said one surgeon. Doctors say that for men, an ideal chin is one that approaches an imaginary vertical line drawn down from the lower lip.

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