Tune in to the best HR coverage (Editor’s notes)

HR Reporter TV has arrived on www.hrreporter.com and YouTube

Canadian HR Reporter TV is on the air. The new online video service provides our readers with an exciting new way to get news, information and insight on some of the most important topics facing workplaces and the HR profession.

It launched last month with videos taking a look at labour relations at the Ontario Securities Commission, corporate culture at CN Rail and the competitive advantage of diversity. We’ve gone on to add videos highlighting employment law, privacy and more — and we’re just getting started.

We have big plans for video — and other multimedia in the future — as we evolve to bring you the information you need, in whatever format you want. And don’t worry — the print version of Canadian HR Reporter you’re holding in your hands isn’t going anywhere. Our multimedia strategy is designed to complement all of the current products we have in place.

There are a number of ways you can view the videos. We’ll often be embedding video content directly into our news articles online at www.hrreporter.com. If YouTube is more your speed, we’ve launched our own YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/hrreporter.

We’ve also partnered with the Human Resources Professionals Association and the Financial Post to provide video content on the Financial Post’s website. You can view the content at www.financialpost.com/executive/hr.

New videos will be appearing regularly. Every Monday, our journalists will give you a quick rundown of the news and information employers need to know, plus a sneak peek at the articles we’re working on for the next edition of Canadian HR Reporter.

These videos are short snippets you can easily watch at your desk when you have a moment — generally two to five minutes in length.

But we’ll also be adding longer “shows” to Canadian HR Reporter TV in the future, where we take an in-depth look at critical and evolving topics. We’ll bring the experts right to your desktop, laptop or mobile device — so you can tap into their expertise wherever and whenever you need it.

So surf on over and check out Canadian HR Reporter TV. We hope you like what you see.

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