Type of work, culture top factors in job search

Salary top second choice: Survey

When deciding to apply for a job, “type of work” (42 per cent) is the top factor followed by culture (21 per cent), according to a survey by job site FreshGigs.ca

Salary (21 per cent) came out as the top second choice, found the survey of more than 12,000 marketing, communications and creative professionals.

As for the kinds of people using job sites, 40 per cent have more than 11 years of experience, found FreshGigs.ca in looking at its own site. Almost one-quarter (23 per cent) have one to three years’ experience while 13 per cent have four to five years, 18 per cent have six to eight years and five per cent have nine to 10 years of experience.

More than one-half (58 per cent) of the people using the job site already have a job, found the survey.

In looking at the experience of applicants, the most requested changes candidates want from employer jobs postings are:

•Tell me more about the salary

•Talk more about your culture.

•Add a personal touch — provide contact names.

•Tell me about the steps in the hiring process

•Confirm you’ve received my application.

•Inform me when the job is filled.

•Avoid jargon — be conversational, friendly, clear.

•List “must-haves” and “like-to-haves.”

•Offer the option of remote work.

•List the job location.

•Don’t make the application process too complicated.

•Provide more details about the job.

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