U.K. grandparents who babysit grandkids may get compensation

Government proposing tax credits so moms and dads can leave the kids with the grandparents while they go to work

Grandparents in the U.K. could get tax credits for taking care of their grandchildren while mom and dad work.

If the proposal being put forward by Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer (similar to our ministry of finance) is approved, grandparents will be rewarded for their efforts in taking care of their families – and their families’ families.

The legislation is designed to help working mothers who find it difficult to use normal 9 to 5 daycare. It isn’t just the money that makes the scheme attractive, it’s the fact that a close member of the family will be looking after the children.

It is not clear how much the proposal will cost or how they would be regulated, but it has received support from working mothers and Britain’s Independent Childcare Commission.

Source: The Independent

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