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“It must be summer, Rob is taking it easy on us this issue with only a few Web sites”, you might be thinking to yourself. On the contrary, the management and leadership resources I have provided are quite exhaustive and will not only provide you with a wealth of information but will take some time to get through.

But don’t be discouraged, take the notebook computer with you on vacation and surf while you surf!

Big Dog’s Bowl of Biscuits
Don’t let the colourful name of this Web site throw you off, because the Big Dog has surely been hard at work collecting various articles on training, leadership and more. Excellent resources and tools are available by clicking on the appropriate links further down the page. Clicking through the “Leadership” box at the top of the page will lead you to an online leadership guide suitable for “anyone wishing to move up through the ranks as a leader.” This site is updated often — I would suggest you bookmark the site and check back often.

Benchmark Communication
“Benchmark Communication is a management information business that seeks to help your company learn from the best practices of others in order to make significant change to your business processes.” While the company does charge for in-depth case studies, click on “profiles” at the bottom of the main page and see a number of short reviews of companies that have excelled in culture development, employee communication, performance measurement, rewards and recognition, staffing, team-based management, and training and continuous learning.

The Leadership Network
Although this is a federal government site, the tools and resources are in no way restricted to just the public sector and are very current. The Feds have done an excellent job at facilitating this “online leadership information service.” The site is available in both English and French and is extremely user friendly. For your first visit to the site I would suggest you click on the “Site Map” (located at the top of the page after clicking though either English or French) and become familiar with all of directories of information. Down the left side, a number of links serve as portals to take the user to numerous articles on leadership assessment tools. There is also a career development link and a “regional room” takes the user to province and territory specific links.

Testing leaders
Looking to find out your leadership “I.Q.”? Take these leadership surveys to find out what kind of leader you are;

After taking the surveys you can move back to the home page on each Web site to find other great links to further resources on management and leadership.

Robert Horgan is an HR Professional and freelance writer and can be contacted through his Web site at www.robhorgan.com. His column appears regularly in CloseUp.

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