Yukon launches new career planning, job search website

Profiles 100 most in-demand occupations

The Yukon government has unveiled a new website dedicated to career opportunities.

WorkFutures is an in-depth guide to career opportunities based on current and projected economic needs, according to Education Minister Scott Kent.

“The website profiles the 100 most in-demand occupations in Yukon, providing users with an opportunity to explore potential career paths and gain an understanding of the training they need to succeed.”

The website provides insight into what it’s like working in a given occupation and what jobs are in demand in Yukon, along with up-to-date labour market information. The website is designed for anyone looking for work, but particularly for students beginning the transition from school to employment.

“The WorkFutures site is a powerful tool that will help us achieve an even more inclusive, adaptable and productive workforce,” said Kent.

The new site was inspired by needs defined within Yukon’s labour market information strategy, which is one of four labour market framework strategies designed and implemented by a cross-section of industry, non-government organizations and government stakeholders.

For more information, visit yukonworkfutures.gov.yk.ca.

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