Pandemic leads to stronger partnerships

Alberta Health Services forged ahead with strengthened partnerships and evidence-based decision-making

Pandemic leads to stronger partnerships

This is a short story about how, faced with a critical issue, HR at Alberta Health Services (AHS) cultivated stronger partnerships and evidence-based decision-making during the COVID-19 pandemic.There were many who had to rise to the challenge. Farmers and ranchers, grocery staff, transit staff, truckers, first responders... Not the least of these were AHS frontline health-care employees. Nurses, lab techs, unit clerks and many others worked relentlessly to be ready to care for people who fell sick. Others who rose to that challenge were the health-care leaders. They demonstrated great care, professionalism and passion as they made sure AHS people were in the right place, when and where their talents were needed. Hundreds of these leaders put in long days and weekends to get the job done.

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