Construction safety associations merge in B.C.

New BCCSA serves more than 38,000 companies, plans to focus on top 3 causes of injury

Construction employers and workers in British Columbia now have access to health and safety programs through the B.C. Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA), which resulted from the amalgamation of the Construction Safety Network and the Construction Safety Association of B.C.

Goals and priorities which founded the previous two construction safety associations will continue into the new BCCSA with a concentration on the Certificate of Recognition (COR) Program, the BCCSA said in a press release. Under the new BCCSA delivery format, construction employers throughout B.C. will have greater accessibility to COR certification courses, it said.

"The safety of workers across British Columbia is a priority for my ministry," said Murray Coell, Minister of Labour. "The alliance will provide a focused approach to workplace safety at all levels across the B.C. construction industry by centralizing resources and expertise. I am encouraged that this will enhance worker safety while making tools and resources more accessible to industry employers."

The BCCSA will concentrate its programming and resources on the top three causes of injuries and death (falls, being struck and overexertion) to construction workers. Their approach to these problems will be evidence based and the solutions will be developed and implemented through consultation with WorkSafeBC and the industry.

"The BCCSA's primary goal is to reduce construction workplace illness and injury, said Wayne Fettback, Chair of the BCCSA Board of Directors. "One Association will make it easier for employers to implement health and safety programs and services based on the tools and resources developed by the BCCSA."

The BCCSA will partner with WorkSafeBC to deliver safety education and training to all BC construction employers.

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