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Brian Kreissl

Saskatchewan toughens smoking law

Saskatchewan has toughened up its anti-smoking laws. As of Aug. 15, it is illegal to smoke in a vehicle when someone under the age of 16 is present. In addition, smoking is not permitted on school grounds. At all other public places, smoking is only allowed certain distances away from a building’s doors, windows and air intakes. The fine for contravening this law is $500.

Ontario universities may get pension relief

Universities with pension deficits in Ontario may soon be able to take advantage of a regulatory change that will give them more time to pay down deficits. The provincial government plans to propose changes to regulations under the Pension Benefits Act to give effect to this proposal. To qualify for three years of relief, universities will have to submit a sustainability plan to the Ministry of Finance. After the three years have expired, those universities may be eligible for a further 10-year extension to amortize the deficits. However, the government has said it is not planning to directly subsidize the pension plans.

Upcoming minimum wage increases

Several jurisdictions have minimum wage increases occurring this fall:

Manitoba: rising to $9.50 an hour on Oct. 1 (up from $9).

New Brunswick: rising to $9 an hour on Sept. 1 (up from $8.50).

Nova Scotia: rising to $9.65 an hour on Oct. 1 (up from $9.20).

Prince Edward Island: rising to $9 hour on Oct. 1 (up from $8.70).

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