Anorexic accountant sues Rachael Ray show

Former employee claims he was discriminated against because of eating disorder

A former New York accountant for the Rachael Ray show is filing a $1 million lawsuit claiming he was forced to quit after he complained about the unfair treatment he received at work because he has anorexia.

Aaron Feguson began working for CBS Television Distributions, the producer and owner of the Rachael Ray show, in July 2007. He left in October of the same year.

In papers filed in Manhattan's state Supreme Court, Ferguson states he has had anorexia for about six years.

The papers state Feguson's supervisor repeatedly exhibited "hostile behaviour" and made discriminatory comments, including, "Anorexics are sick in the head" and "Anorexics should not be able to work."

The accountant says he complained about his supervisor's behaviour and comments, but their superiors did nothing to improve the situation. His lawyer, William Kaiser, said Ferguson was forced to quit in October 2007 in retaliation for his complaining.

The lawsuit names CBS Corp, CBS Television Distributions and three employees of the show as defendants. Ray is not named in the suit.

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