B.C. leads the nation in job creation

Province also boasts highest percentage of workers earning more than $16 per hour

British Columbia leads the country in job creation and more workers in the province are earning $16 or more than any other jurisdiction, according to Statistics Canada.

Graham Bruce, B.C.’s Labour Minister, said nearly one million employees in B.C. earn $16 or more per hour — the amount Statistics Canada says will support a family of four in an urban centre. This represents 57.2 per cent of B.C. employees, compared to a national average of 50.8 per cent. (See table below for a coast-to-coast breakdown of the numbers.)

Since December 2001, employment in the province has increased by 7.3 per cent, the largest percentage increase in the country.

“The numbers speak for themselves,” said Bruce. “We have the best performing economy in Canada when it comes to creating good jobs.”

He said the province also has stability in labour relations, something that bodes well for the economy.

“In the public sector since January 2002, a total of 51 voluntary agreements have been reached,” he said. “All were at no general compensation increase and some at wage reductions, a significant milestone that demonstrates negotiation, not confrontation, can yield mutually agreeable results.”

Percentage of employees receiving $16 per hour or more
British Columbia57.253.9
New Brunswick34.231.8
Nova Scotia37.432.3
Prince Edward Island33.123.4
Newfoundland and Labrador39.032.8

Overall employment growth, December 2001 to May 2004 (%)
British Columbia7.4
New Brunswick4.7
Nova Scotia5.4
Prince Edward Island4.1
Newfoundland and Labrador3.3

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