Company adapts to high-tech hard times

Firing as important as hiring Inc., a Kanata-based placement service for technology companies, has found a way to increase sales even in the current high-tech downturn.

Last year, outplacement wasn’t even one of the company’s services.’s outplacement business increased by 71 per cent between January and July. That figure is expected to rise to 90 per cent by the end of the year. To meet the demand, the company has opened seven new locations across North America in the last six months.

The outplacement service helps workers seeking to re-enter the job market following corporate downsizing. Job seekers, or the companies who have fired them, pay a fee to have research job availability and send résumés to recruiters or companies looking to hire.

According to, companies have not stopped hiring. However, these days they are being flooded with job applications and appreciate a professional intermediary’s involvement to reduce the quantity and increase the quality.

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