Economic slowdown adds up to longer hours

Poll finds employees taking work home more often or working through lunch

The market slowdown has many employees altering their work routine, according to a recent poll by ADP Canada Employer Services. When asked if their work habits have changed as a result of the slowing economy, one-fifth of working Canadians say they are making changes, such as taking work home more often, working through their lunch hour or avoiding taking sick days.

The market slowdown also has meant 21 per cent of respondents are working longer hours to keep up — among these, 28 per cent are logging from one to five hours more per week, 42 per cent are working from six to 10 additional hours per week, and 28 per cent are working 11 or more additional hours per week.

However, four in 10 (37 per cent) of those working more hours receive no additional compensation or time off, finds the poll. As a result, employees are rewarding themselves through other means: leaving early (53 per cent), working at a more leisurely pace (27 per cent), taking sick days when they are not sick (23 per cent), taking longer lunch breaks (21 per cent) and arriving late (16 per cent).

The poll of 956 respondents who are employed full time or part time took place in January.


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