Employees confident in their leaders: survey

Less than one in five Canadian workers surveyed said they have no faith in management

The majority of Canadian employees have confidence in those steering the corporate ship, according to a recent survey.

The survey found 47 per cent of employees said they are “very confident” in their firms’ senior management while 38 per cent are “somewhat confident.”

The survey was developed by staffing firm Robert Half Management Resources and conducted by an independent research firm. It included response from 972 people over the age of 18 employed in professional environments.

Workers were asked: “How confident are you in your company’s leaders?”

•Very confident: 47 per cent
•Somewhat confident: 38 per cent
•Not very confident: 10 per cent
•Not at all confident: four per cent
•Don’t know or no answer: one per cent

“There are myriad challenges in leading a company today, such as meeting regulatory demands, growing sales amid increasing global competition, and recruiting and retaining the best talent,” said Paul McDonald, executive director of Robert Half Management Resources. “The most effective managers not only achieve positive results and demonstrate sound guidance in any business climate, but also are successful in building trust among employees.”

He said exemplary business leaders share several qualities, including the ability to:

Recognize their team. Leaders don’t take all the credit for their successes. They acknowledge individual and team contributions on a regular basis.

Rally the troops. Leaders support their team. They provide resources and inspiration to employees working toward a common goal.

Seek input from others. Successful leaders never go it alone. They appreciate the intelligence and experience of their staff and ask them for suggestions to improve the organization.

Communicate vision. Influential leaders don’t operate in a vacuum. To motivate and guide others, they demonstrate vision and communicate ideas clearly throughout the organization.

Promote a strong work ethic. The best leaders enjoy what they do. They work hard to meet business goals, achieve results and foster a culture that maximizes employee performance.

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