Employees want more perks on the job: survey

Only 1 in 5 employers provide pay raises, flexible scheduling and wellness programs

Only 20 per cent of Canadian employees enjoy corporate wellness programs that include such perks as fitness and nutritional coaching, gym memberships and opportunities for professional growth, according to a new poll.

Almost 70 per cent of 2,857 Canadians who participated in a recent online poll at online career site Monster.ca said they wished their employers offered such incentives. Twenty per cent of those who already receive corporate wellness programs really appreciate them. And 10 per cent of Canadians said such programs are a waste of resources and would not be interested even if their employer provided such services.

"While not everyone appreciates a corporate wellness program, conventional research has always indicated that a contented and happy worker is typically more productive," said Gabriel Bouchard, vice-president and general manager, Monster Canada.

"Canadian businesses lose billions of dollars every year on sick days, employee absenteeism and stress leaves. With the labour shortage already affecting much of Canada, it will be interesting to see the rise in corporate wellness programs and other workplace benefits."

Meanwhile, in a separate Monster.ca poll of 3,594 participants, less than 20 per cent of Canadians receive pay increases, have flexible scheduling and other work-life balance initiatives. Most respondents said their employers are doing very little to retain them.

"The workplace has become increasingly competitive," said Bouchard. "In this new labour market, the power now shifts from traditional employers to job seekers. Employers will soon have to provide incentives to retain their employees or risk disruptions in productivity."

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