Employment rate hits new high

43,000 new jobs push employment to 63.9 per cent

Canada's employment rate hit a new all-time high of 63.8 per cent in November thanks to 43,000 new jobs, according to Statistics Canada.

However, with more people entering the labour market, the unemployment rate edged up 0.1 percentage points to hit 5.9 per cent last month.

Following three months of strong employment increases in the public sector, November's employment gains were mostly in the private sector, which saw 49,000 new jobs. However, growth in the public sector (6.3 per cent) has continued to outpace that of the private sector (0.9 per cent) for the past 12 months.

Four industries reported employment increases last month: transportation and warehousing; business building and other support services; educational services; and natural resources.

Manufacturing continued to slump, losing 16,000 jobs in November. From December 2006 to November 2007 there has been 98,000 lost factory jobs, most of which occurred in Ontario and Quebec.

British Columbia and Quebec led the way in employment gains, with B.C. adding 26,000 new full-time jobs and Quebec adding 19,000 part-time jobs.

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