European Union launches job mobility action plan

15-point plan involves national, regional and local authorities

A new action plan to promote job mobility across Europe will tackle the remaining obstacles faced by people seeking to work in another European Union (EU) country.

The plan, published by the European Commission, puts forward 15 actions to be completed by 2010 involving national, regional and local authorities.

The 15 actions cover four main areas:

• improving existing legislation and administrative practices on social security co-ordination and on the portability of supplementary pensions;

• ensure policy support from authorities at all levels;

• reinforce the European Employment Services as the one-stop shop for job mobility in Europe, by improving services to targeted groups such as long-term unemployed, young workers, older workers, women, and the self-employed; and

• increase awareness of the possibilities and advantages of job mobility among the wider public.

The ability of EU citizens to work in any of the 27 EU member countries is instrumental to developing a European labour market, said Vladimir Spidla, commissioner for employment. He also called on increased co-operation from EU countries.

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