Gender gap exists among workplace needs: Survey

But long-term job security comes out on top for both men, women

When it comes to what they're looking for in a potential employer, men and women are very different, according to a recent survey.

While the majority of both male and female employees in Canada say they want long-term job security from an employer, that's where the similarities end and the gender gap begins, found the survey of 7,000 Canadian employees by ICMA International and Randstad Canada.

Women prefer:

•flexible working arrangements (49 per cent more important than to men)

•accessibility (28 per cent more important)

•pleasant working atmosphere (23 per cent more important)

•competitive salary (19 per cent more important)

•good work-life balance (17 per cent more important).

While men prefer:

• financially sound companies (42 per cent more important than to women)

•strong management (37 per cent more important)

•global career prospects (86 per cent more important)

•good training (17 per cent more important).

"Men have reprioritized, replacing company image and innovation with a financially strong company and the possibility of international career prospects,” said Jan Hein Bax, president of Randstad Canada. “Women, on the other hand, have replaced the need for accessibility with flexible working arrangements as one of their top priorities when searching for an employer."

It's important for employers to know what their workforce wants, to recognize the key demographic differences in this regard, and to respond accordingly, said Hein Bax.

“Employers need to define who their desired employee is, understand what that employee wants and create specific messages that speak to those wants. Employers must also respond to their employees' needs and expectations and leverage those differences in order to maximize the available talent.”

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