Labour launches new Web site

CLC site aims to educate employees on basic rights, show workers the benefit of having a union

The Canadian Labour Congress has launched a new Web site to educate employees on their basic rights under labour laws across the country.

The site,, is aimed at non-unionized workers to “help them to work towards better rights, better protection and better wages and benefits,” according to information posted on the site.

The site has regulations from all 10 provinces, three territories and federal law under headings including:

•human rights;

•work time;

•getting paid;

•losing a job;

•taking time off; and

•health and safety.

There is also a spot on the site where workers can report unsafe environments or report employers who are breaking the law. It also includes a page on salaries so non-unionized workers can see how much a person doing the same job in a union environment is being paid, and encourages employees to compare salaries and to contact a union representative.

For example, it shows the average wage for a non-unionized female cashier is $7.80, while her union counterpart earns an average of $10.79, citing Statistics Canada’s Labour Force 2001 survey.

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