New website helps professional immigrants in Manitoba

Fairness Commissioner hopes to smooth transition

Immigrants professionals should have an easier time establishing their careers in Manitoba with the launch of a new website. The Office of the Manitoba Fairness Commissioner (OMFC) has launched the site to make it more efficient and faster for immigrants.

“Many immigrants are highly trained professionals who arrive here with a wealth of valuable experience that would benefit Manitobans and enrich the economy,” said Labour and Immigration Minister Jennifer Howard announced today. “The Office of the Fairness Commissioner and this new website will support changes to professional recognition processes to smooth their transition into this country and help them establish their careers as quickly as possible.

The OMFC works co-operatively with Manitoba regulators to ensure their registration practices comply with the Fair Registration Practices in Regulated Professional Act. Earlier this week, Howard met with regulators to stress the importance of establishing clear and fair practices for qualifications recognition for immigrant professionals. The website is designed to help regulators achieve this goal, she said.

“The site is written in plain language and presented in a straightforward way,” said Ximena Munoz, Manitoba fairness commissioner. “This is what we are asking regulators to do when they communicate about their processes. In this way, the office is leading by example and embodying our guiding principles.”

Manitoba has helped many foreign-trained professionals obtain recognition for their qualifications, said Howard. Since 2003, for example, about 30 foreign-trained engineers have passed through a qualification program to achieve their Manitoba licence and 85 per cent have found employment. Another 39 foreign-trained engineers are enrolled in the program this year.

The new website of the OMFC is at

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