Pay top reason employees leave: Survey

Senior leaders and organizational culture also play a role in voluntary turnover

There is a disconnect between why employees leave an organization and why managers think employees leave, according to a new survey.

Both employees and managers surveyed by David Aplin Recruiting cite insufficient pay as the top factor that would make employees consider leaving their organization.

However, employees also include lack of trust in senior leaders, undesirable culture and uninteresting work in their top five factors, none of which made managers' top five list.

Also, 73 per cent of 1,750 employees surveyed agreed with the statement "People leave managers not organizations."

Top 5 reasons employees leave:

1. Insufficient pay

2. Lack of trust in senior leaders

3. Lack of work-life balance

4. Unhealthy/undesirable culture

5. Uninteresting or unchallenging work

Top 5 reasons managers think employees leave:

1. Insufficient pay

2. Lack of work-life balance

3. Unexpected job/career opportunity

4. Excessive workload

5. Lack of opportunity for training and development

Top 5 things employees are looking for in a job:

1. New challenges, variety of interesting projects

2. Advancement opportunities

3. Meaningful work opportunities to make a difference

4. Performance-based bonuses, salary increases

5. Recognition, feedback

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