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The development of an HRIS within your organization is only limited by the amount of time you spend learning how to use it. However, it seems that the majority of HRIS users become specialists at entering data — information taken directly from forms that the employee has already spent time completing.
Companies that have implemented kiosks or other terminals to enable employees that don’t have access to a desktop computer system to enter and update information frees up hours of time that would otherwise be spent on data entry.

The Web sites below offer a number of various resources to help determine how an employee self-service kiosk or terminal can help your HR department be more effective.

Where I Work.com
Although this site focuses on providing services as a benefits provider, it offers some excellent information on employee self-service via the Web to make changes to their benefits, fill out forms online and more.

Perhaps a great start for your search for information on kiosks. The site offers interviews with leaders in the industry, special reports and features on hot topics and a calendar of events. While some information is available for free, by signing up for free to become a member at kioskmarketplace.com, users will have access to even more.

TALX Corporation
An excellent site. In the process of trying to sell their software and services, TALX has provided some excellent resources on the practical application of employee self-service at other companies. From the main page click on “Case Studies” (from the menu bar on the left). About a dozen case examples from companies like Bowing and Motorola are available.

Netshift Software
Netshift Software develops programs specifically for kiosks and terminals. While the site contains a high level of “tech-talk,” even a basic computer user will be able to learn about the potential and some of the benefits of using kiosks and terminals in the workplace.

While most commonly know for there payroll services, I have found that Ceridian also offers what seems to be an interesting employee self-service product. Scroll down from the main page and click on “Employee Self Service.” This will lead to further information on their product “Source Empowerment.” A worthwhile visit even if you are not planning to incorporate the concept. At least you’ll know what your department is missing out on.

Cascade Technologies
Another software developer offering a package that provides options for employee self-service. Worth a peak if you are still looking for new ways of allowing employees access to add, view and modify their personal information.

Other sites to visit:

Rob Horgan is an HR professional and freelance writer. He can be contacted through his Web site: www.robhorgan.com.

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