What kind of other assistance does your organization provide to support HR employees through the certification process?

Comments from the online poll on HR designations

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Here is some of the "other" support that organizations provide:

Partial re-imbursement if agreed upon when budgeting and planning at the beginning of the year

It's a one person department, so we haven't hired anyone.

We are a small company, I am the HR professional. My background was one of support before this role. I am a part owner in a business and if I feel I need more help I hire the skill I need. Someone with a CHRP is too expensive to have on staff all year. The mind set of HR is changing to that of outsourcing so I can hire the skill I need when and if I need it.

Paid tuition and paid time off to attend, and travel expenses.

Hiring coop students pursuing the CHRP

We are a small company with a one person HR Dept.

Also provides an accreditation award ($2,000) upon receipt of the designation.

Monetary award for completion of credits and designations. (Not restricted to HR - available to all employees for any job related credit or designation)

Support has been withheld since Jan06.

It really depends in which department. Oddly enough, our HR department provides the least assistance to its employees yet in the Faculties/Cost Centres membership fees and/or full conference passes are covered.

Application is made to cover the course, including intensive and paid time off to study before final exam.

I don't know if fees are covered?

We don't have an HR department where I am right now.

Travel etc associated with conferences etc.

We also have the day off of the exam with the option of the day before the exam also. My boss has been completely supportive. I consider myself lucky!

As I am only a part-time contract worker, the only real support would be the flexibility in my schedule to do my HR classes.

I did not request reimbursement for my exam fees but I believe it would have been available. Also, government organizations will not pay for professional association memberships unless there is there is a legal requirement for the employee to maintain their certification for their job. In HR, this does not apply.

There are opportunities for on the job training.

Please note: the reimbursement is a partial subsidy (not 100%). Typically the reimbursement is 75%.

Reimbursement for further education/tuition fees if it applies to current position.


My company reimburses for the certification exam and the current year's association membership after the exam once the CHRP is achieved.

Some but not all tuition my be covered by my employer.

Flexible Scheduling to accommodate study, classroom time and examinations

I'm a professor - doesn't matter

Paid study day

Upon successful completion of the course

The college provides information to you about the CHRP and how to obtain it.

Currently a student and but will graduate at the end of the month

Reimbursement for courses taken towards the certification

Coaching and general assistance with assignments (being available to answer their questions or discuss their ideas).

Reference to question 7: A determination is made whether a CHRP designation is required based upon the level of HR activities and responsibilities.

Some support as requested.

$500 yearly educational support

Pay for registration fees for workshops/seminars, and those are considered work days so they are paid.

We receive support for our continuing education requirements not for studying or writing an exam. If we can increase our competencies in HR areas, that is where our organization will get its best ROI.

Flexing of hours to be able to attend the course

No specific policy in place, we treat each case individually

Paid time off for examinations and prep courses.

Always giving words of encouragement throughout the process!

We are a non-profit organization.

Mentoring and Career Guidance

Time off for meetings/seminars etc.

I’m the only HR person and I already have my CHRP.

Time off and reimbursement for related workshops/training events.

One paid day off pre-exam

Text books also supported.

I am currently a full time student and not employed.

Support for tuition fees for some positions only where it is deemed required.

Partial reimbursement for HRPAO dues. Reimbursement based on whether or not funds available in budget. Employees can apply for company tuition grant.

This is provided to those seeking either the CHRP or IPMA-CP

Provided education requirement complies with Educational & Training Policy, employees who qualify for 100% have courses prepaid (if do not succeed, must reimburse the County)

I only requested reimbursement for the exam fees

This does not just pertain to CHRP, our employer is also a supporter of other HR designations, for example IPMA-CP and IPMA-CS. CHRP is not the only HR Professional Designation.

No formal policy or practice in place - if an HR Practitioner wanted to follow through on the CHRP process, we would view it much the same as any other educational pursuit and treat it on a situation specific basis

Membership fees and exam fees amount to close to $1000 in Qc. I don't even dare ask for that kind of contribution when the title is a nice-to-have in the organization.

Some tuition fees paid but this is more so to correspond with the employee's learning plan

They pay for the courses to take the HR Management Certificate but not the certification process.

Support in making education/course choices. Access to employers for study projects

Not widely used.

Reimbursement of 25% of exam fees, providing employee is successful on exam.

We purchase some support training tools for exam preparation-on line

Unknown at this time; no one has requested time off to study or take the pre-CHRP exam. This credential is not required for government; if it were, govt. would be obligated to pay for a HR practitioner to obtain

Education leaves (paid) as well as unpaid leaves of absence for those wishing to pursue education which is not approved.

My organization fully supports all educational training staff may request in order to further their knowledge in the HR field and to keep them abreast of current trends and initiatives.

I have no idea about any support provided

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