Focus on work-life balance with new certification in Quebec

Seal of recognition ‘simpler’ than standard launched in 2010
By Sarah Dobson
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/30/2019
Montreal employers should benefit from a new seal of recognition for work-life balance in Quebec. Credit: mat277 (Shutterstock)

Quebec’s labour shortages have become well-recognized, as the province struggles to find skilled and semi-skilled workers for a variety of sectors while immigration levels are lowered.

But a new initiative launching in September may help some companies when it comes to recruiting and retaining sought-after employees. The Réseau pour un Québec Famille (Network for a Quebec Family) will be granting seals of recognition to employers that adopt best practices in work-life balance.

The network’s mandate is to propose public policies that support families, and this initiative is about best practices, and moving forward with the social norm around work-life balance, said Mathieu Gagné, adviser in communications, production and strategy at the Réseau.