Demand for virtual health-care benefits strong among Canadians: Survey

But concerns about consistency, followup care, equity issues raised by experts
By John Dujay
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 11/05/2018

Virtual health care is not exactly a new idea in Canada, but it is becoming another way for companies to offer digital benefits that appeal to time-challenged workers.

And there is a great appetite for more virtual health care, according to a survey done by Hill + Knowlton for Wello, a virtual health-care service provider.

“Nearly nine out of 10 (people) said they would use virtual care, but when you look at the rates of people using it in Canada, we’ve only got 15 per cent using web chat, 11 per cent using video calls for medical appointments,” said Vince Danielsen, president and CEO of Wello in Calgary.