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KFC is facing a chicken crisis in the U.K. Credit: Valentina_S (Shutterstock)

Fowl play

ERITH, U.K.  – Fast-food chain KFC is facing a chicken crisis in the United Kingdom, with a new supplier failing to deliver the much-needed fowl. As a result, at least 600 of the 900 outlets have had to close temporarily. But some employees have decided to take matters into their own hands, judging by a video that apparently shows workers carrying bins filled with black plastic bags of chicken into the back door of a KFC in Erith, U.K., according to the Daily Mail. Danny Mercer, who filmed the clip, claims he was told to “F*** off” by the employees when they saw him filming. A KFC spokesperson said it was aware of the video and investigating. “When it comes to the safe handling and transport of food, we have strict policies in place, so we’re investigating this urgently and will take any necessary steps… food safety remains our top priority.”

Bargain basement rates

VANCOUVER – While several cities are keen to become the host city for Amazon’s second headquarters, Vancouver got into hot water recently over its pitch. In a 50-page bid proposal, the city boasted that its tech workers have the “lowest wages of all North American tech hubs,” according to the National Post. “Great, we’re now the Walmart of tech workers in North America — cheapest prices ever,” said Andrew Yan, director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University. “That’s a great place to start selling yourself.” Unlike other cities, Vancouver  was not prepared to offer tax incentives to Amazon, so it needed to draw attention to other enticements to create a “best-value proposition,” according to James Raymond, manager of research and analysis at the Vancouver Economic Commission. “We are the lowest-cost tech hub in North America, and it would have been a huge error not to include one of our strongest economic arguments in the proposal.”

Flushed away

BALTIMORE – A hamster was at the centre of a dispute recently between an airline and a college student. “Pebbles” was set to travel with her owner, Florida student Belen Aldecosea, on Spirit Airlines when Aldecosea was told her emotional support animal could not join her, according to Time. A Spirit employee apparently told Aldecosea to either give the animal away or flush it down the toilet. When the student could not find someone to take the hamster or rent a car instead of flying, she did just that. But Spirit denied the toilet comment. “At no point did any of our agents suggest this guest (or any other for that matter) should flush or otherwise injure an animal. It is incredibly disheartening to hear this guest reportedly decided to end her own pet’s life.”

No more kisses

MORETTE, FRANCE – A mayor in France has decided to break with tradition when it comes to greeting her 73 colleagues every morning. Instead of giving the expected kiss on the cheek or “la bise,” Aude Picard-Wolff of Morette sent an email saying she would prefer to shake hands, according to the Daily Mail. In France, men generally give the kiss greeting to close friends or family, while women are expected to give the greeting more broadly. It “always felt wrong to be doing the bise with people I barely knew,” said Picard-Wolff. “From now I would like to shake hands, like men do... This is a minimal, but daily issue of gender equality.”

Just a few years late

VICENZA, ITALY – Sometimes it might feel like it’s taking forever for a package to arrive by mail. And for residents of a northern town in Italy, that sentiment is more than true. A postal worker was arrested recently after police found more than 1,100 pounds of undelivered mail hidden away in his garage in Vicenza, according to Reuters. Police were called in after workers from a recycling plant went to empty the 56-year-old’s garage and found 43 yellow plastic postal containers containing letters, bills, bank statements and electoral pamphlets dating back to 2010. Despite the delay, the Vicenza postal service promised to deliver the outdated mail.

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