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The Weird Workplace
KFC is facing a chicken crisis in the U.K. Credit: Valentina_S (Shutterstock)

Fowl play

ERITH, U.K.  – Fast-food chain KFC is facing a chicken crisis in the United Kingdom, with a new supplier failing to deliver the much-needed fowl. As a result, at least 600 of the 900 outlets have had to close temporarily. But some employees have decided to take matters into their own hands, judging by a video that apparently shows workers carrying bins filled with black plastic bags of chicken into the back door of a KFC in Erith, U.K., according to the Daily Mail. Danny Mercer, who filmed the clip, claims he was told to “F*** off” by the employees when they saw him filming. A KFC spokesperson said it was aware of the video and investigating. “When it comes to the safe handling and transport of food, we have strict policies in place, so we’re investigating this urgently and will take any necessary steps… food safety remains our top priority.”

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