Men and women ‘worlds apart’ in hunt for perfect job: Survey

Money, progression tops for men; flexibility, culture preferred by women
||Last Updated: 05/02/2011

When it comes to job seeking, men and women are from different worlds, according to a survey of 7,000 Australians by specialist recruitment and HR services provider Randstad as part of its search for top employers.

Men are more likely to look for money and career progression while women are more concerned with flexibility and enjoying a strong workplace culture, favouring workplaces that offer good work-life balance, conveniently located offices and quality learning and development opportunities.

Areas male jobseekers favour more than females:

  1. Career progression opportunities
  2. Financial stability
  3. Strong management or leadership
  4. Strong image and reputation
  5. Long-term job security

Areas female jobseekers favour more than men:

  1. Flexible working environment
  2. Strong workplace culture
  3. Convenient location
  4. Good work-life balance
  5. Good learning and development

The research highlights a clear division between the priorities of men and women when it comes to employer attractiveness, said Randstad CEO Fred van der Tang.

“While the research suggests gender differences with employer requirements... the reality is far more complex. There are many factors that influence a person’s decision to consider working for an organization or to recommend them as a great place to work.

“It is important for employers to recognize that men and women often have very different requirements and it is wise to focus on applying this knowledge through the entire hiring process — from preparing the job description and writing the job ad, to conducting the final interview," he said.

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