Unregulated health professions in Manitoba can now apply for regulation

New council established to advise on many areas including HR planning, management
|hrreporter.com|Last Updated: 06/01/2011

Unregulated health professions are now able to apply for regulation in Manitoba, as a result of sections of the Regulated Health Professions Act coming into force today.

“Proclaiming these pieces of the Regulated Health Professions Act is the next step in the work to create consistent regulation for all health professions in Manitoba and support quality patient care,” said Health Minister Theresa Oswald.

The new Health Professions Advisory Council has also been established.

“The Health Professions Advisory Council will provide advice to government on issues around professional regulation and review applications from unregulated professions that apply to become regulated under the act,” said Oswald.

Upon request from the minister of health, the council will provide advice on issues related to the legislation, including:

•which professions may perform certain services or procedures in the course of providing health care that pose a risk of harm to patients or clients if not performed correctly or competently

•the use of professional or occupational titles and other work-related descriptive terms by members of a regulated health profession or other people

•entrance-to-practice requirements for health professions including education, training, technical achievement, competencies, credentials and other procedural requirements

the continuing competency programs established by colleges

•health human resource planning and management

•any other matter related to the act.

The establishment of the council will also allow unregulated groups to apply to be regulated.

“We did extensive consultations with more than 60 organizations and individuals before we introduced this legislation,” said Oswald. “Establishing the council is the next step to create consistent regulation for all health professions and support the highest possible standards for patient safety for Manitobans.”

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