The many faces of executive coaching

Everyone needs personal and executive development — not everyone recognizes that need.
By Angelika Mellema
|CHRR, Guide to Management & Executive Development|Last Updated: 05/30/2001

The complex, dynamic, and unpredictable nature of the business world has led companies to invest in human capital to remain competitive. Unfortunately, these investments have often resulted in frustration with the lack of results from the multitude of workshops, training seminars, and company programs. What is delivered during training is not being implemented in the field.

The challenge is not just gaining the necessary knowledge, but turning that knowledge into action. Part of helping employees to resolve this “knowing/doing gap” is the providence of effective leadership.

Leadership skills have not kept up with what is necessary in today’s business world where trust in employees and collaboration is of the essence — not hierarchical control. What worked in the past may no longer work, or even worse, become a liability.