Accounting can be a headache

Accountants get the most headaches, according to a new poll by Excedrine.
||Last Updated: 04/08/2003

Accountants get the most headaches, compared with other professions, reports

A survey conducted by Excedrin ranked the following professions in terms of the number of headaches experienced by workers in that profession:

•accountants: about half say they suffer from weekday headaches;

•librarians: come in second, with 43 per cent reporting headaches;

•bus and truck drivers (42 per cent); and

•construction workers (38 per cent).

Most of the workers said that more than half of their headaches occurred during working hours, and 21 per cent said that all their headaches happen at work.

The survey cited the following industry-specific triggers:

•accountants: sloppy bookkeeping of disorganized clients;

•librarians: people who are incapable of using the research resources properly;

•truck and bus drivers: traffic and weather problems; and

•law enforcement officers: citizens who try to elicit sympathy.

Nearly have of the people surveyed said their work quality suffered because of their headaches. Only about 40 per cent of those polled take medication at the onset of a headache.

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