Mobile application developers IT position most in demand for 2012: Survey

Starting salaries expected to increase by as much as 8.2 per cent
||Last Updated: 12/05/2011

Demand for positions such as mobile applications developers, data warehouse analysts and web designers is expected to grow in the coming year as companies look to invest in their information technology infrastructure and digital presence, according to a survey by Robert Half.

"Many of these roles are quite challenging for employers to fill, since, in some cases, the demand for qualified professionals exceeds the supply," said Lara Dodo, a regional vice-president of Robert Half Technology. "Professionals who have a high degree of specialization and hands-on experience helping companies take advantage of emerging technologies are among the most highly sought by employers."

Following is an overview of the top seven high-potential jobs for 2012:

Mobile applications developer: As companies strive to reach consumers on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, they need professionals who can develop for the small screen. Starting salaries for mobile applications developers are projected to increase 8.2 per cent to a range of $72,500 to $102,750 in the coming year.

Web designer: As organizations look to improve the overall look and functionality of their websites and social media pages, they seek professionals who can create clean, eye-pleasing designs that reinforce their brands' overall look and feel. The starting pay for these individuals is expected to rise 6.6 per cent to a range of $75,000 to $120,000.

Network engineer: Companies' networks are more intricate than ever, increasing the need for those who can ensure the efficient and secure transfer of data and information. Starting salaries for network engineers are expected to rise six per cent to a range of $75,000 to $98,250.

Data warehouse analyst: Maintaining data has become an increasingly complex task, which is why companies need professionals who can collect, analyze and mine stored data, as well as offer effective storage strategies. Anticipated base compensation for these professionals is expected to climb 5.9 per cent to between $81,750 and $111,250 in 2012.

Web developer: Web developers are increasingly needed by companies looking to enhance their online presence. Base compensation for these professionals is projected to increase 5.3 per cent to between $58,750 and $85,000.

Data security analyst: Security threats are constantly changing and firms need professionals who can analyze risk and propose solutions. Base compensation for these workers is expected to rise 4.9 per cent to between $83,250 and $124,500.

Search engine optimization (SEO) specialist: Being found online by search engines and consumers is essential to any firm looking to make its digital mark. That's why companies seek SEO specialists who can develop strategies to optimize web projects for search and increase online visibility. Those with three or more years of experience are projected to see a starting salary range of $75,000 to $95,000.

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