Nearly two-thirds of U.S. jobseekers actively looking for new job: Survey

Only 1 in 10 really happy with current position
||Last Updated: 02/10/2012

Nearly two-thirds (61.3 per cent) of jobseekers in the United States are actively looking for their next job, according to a recent survey.

Only 11.7 per cent of those polled said they are really happy with their current job, found the survey of 255,000 jobseekers by job-matching service TheLadders.

About one-fifth (19 per cent) said their job isn’t awful, but not great; 4.1 per cent said they want out of their current job immediately; and 3.9 per cent said they weren’t sure how much longer they could tolerate their job.

Despite the latest unemployment rate, which is  at 8.3 per cent and steadily trending downward, almost one-fourth of all jobseekers (20.5 per cent) surveyed said they were "currently between jobs.”

"Both personally and professionally, finding the right match is all about chemistry, and feeling motivated and appreciated in the workplace is paramount for being successful in your career and life," said Alex Douzet, president and co-founder of TheLadders.

Douzet suggests that workplace satisfaction can be determined by the following factors:

•corporate culture
•opportunity for growth
•sense of challenge
•work-life balance
•compensation package.

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