41 per cent of employees expecting Christmas gift from employer

Almost one-half normally receive one: Survey
|hrreporter.com|Last Updated: 12/20/2012

Companies considering cutting corporate holiday gifts this year may want to think twice.Two-fifths (41 per cent) of Canadian workers would like a gift from their employer this holiday season, according to Randstad's Global Workmonitor, surveying employees in 32 countries (with at least 400 interviews per country).

And more than four in 10 (45 per cent) of Canadian employees normally receive a gift from their employer, which is similar to the number of Canadian workers that expect to receive one this year (41 per cent).

The global consensus is slightly higher as 48 per cent of respondents from around the world reported receiving a Christmas gift or gift voucher from their employer at the end of the year and 52 per cent expect to receive a gift this year, found the survey.

Although it is not common practice in Argentina (54 per cent) to receive a Christmas gift, 80 per cent of the employees expect to receive one this year. The same applies to Chile (52 per cent usually receive one versus 82 per cent expecting one this year), Hong Kong (65 per cent versus 88 per cent) and Malaysia (47 per cent versus 71 per cent).

Tokens of an organization's appreciation, even small ones, can have a big impact on employee morale and productivity, said Hanna Vineberg, vice-president for central Ontario at Randstad Canada.

"Employees enjoy holiday rewards and feel even more appreciated and motivated when they receive them," said Vineberg. “This is positive news for employers still struggling in the tough economy, because it reveals simple ways that they can keep employees loyal and thereby maintain a productive and competitive business.”

Looking ahead

When it comes to resolutions, 48 per cent of Canadian respondents said they always make New Year's resolutions while 39 per cent said they will make specific resolutions regarding their career in 2013, found Randstad.

Globally, 51 per cent of employees said they always make New Year's resolutions while 44 per cent will make resolutions for 2013 specifically regarding their career. In Mexico (87 per cent), India (81 percent) and Argentina (80 per cent), it is most common to make New Year's resolutions while it is least common in Denmark (16 per cent), Sweden (14 percent) and Norway (24 per cent).

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