Media training teaches executives how to get the message out

By Lorne Honickman
|CHRR, Guide to Management & Executive Development|Last Updated: 06/19/2002

In the late ’90s everyone was talking about the Bre-X scandal. Thousands of people who lost fortunes investing in the company’s stock were pointing the legal gun at its chair David Walsh. With a throng of microphones in his face, Walsh’s lawyer, Alan Lenczner, defended his client: “Mr. Walsh had no idea there was no gold at Bre-X. He was duped, just like everybody else.”

In mere seconds, Lenczner ensured his message got out to the public, that is: “My client is no villain, but rather just another victim of the scam.”

His short statement contains the two crucial elements of successful “messaging.” The first is determining what the appropriate message is. The second is knowing who the audience is and ensuring that the audience receives and understands the message.