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By Scott Stratten
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/12/2002

Diving into the world of human resource management systems (HRMS) can be a daunting task. Implementing an HRMS can change the way you run your HR department, but you have to weed through countless providers, technical issues and HRMS jargon. The following Web sites are meant to ease your mind and provide information relevant to all aspects of the HRMS world.

Online buyer’s guide to HRMS (IHRIM)


This site, operated by the International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM) offers up a long list of HRMS providers. It’s a good starting point to see what companies have to offer. Included are brief details about the products and company contact information to help you make an educated choice. Further surfing on this site will lead you to general facts about IHRIM, which should be of interest to anyone involved with HRMS.

HRMS in the new millennium


Al Doran, a frequent

Canadian HR Reporter

contributor, takes a look down the road to what’s in store for HRMS systems. What’s interesting here is Doran’s perspective on the state of the industry. He writes, “Responses from companies that have successfully implemented HR Internet/intranet solutions without making the full connect to their HRMS indicate that a) the vendors have not kept up, and b) the solutions they are providing are still too complex and labour intensive to implement.” He explains the importance of HRMS within the structure of a company and the unique challenges Canadians face. He also addresses HRMS from a global point of view.

Myth versus reality


This site discusses common myths about HRMS. Fortunately, the viewpoints expressed are balanced considering the article is written by an HRMS vendor with vested interest in your purchasing decision. If you’ve always thought of HRMS as a technical nightmare with costly implementation and expensive training, this article is for you.

The hidden value of HRMS


An insightful article about the hidden value of an HRMS, and how it can impact strategic HR and ROI in a corporation. “Information about company performance is a critical competitive advantage; personnel information is too important to omit from the equation; and no organization today can effectively gather and analyze the breadth and quantity of data it needs for this purpose without a fully utilized HRMS,” the author writes. (Note: This is a subscribe-for-free site.)

Use it or lose it


Think your troubles are over when you finally implement your system? Think again. “Acquiring and successfully implementing the right human resources information system (HRIS) is the first challenge for many organizations. However, maintaining the accuracy, integrity and quality of the data in the system is the bigger task.” The article, posted on the Australian HR Institute’s Web site, explores such issues as the mutual benefits of the system within departments and proper maintenance.

Learning to speak HRMS


Do you know your ASPs from your PTOs? How about running a Boolean search about your Passive Event Processing (PEPs)? For those of us who are not up on the latest terminology of the HRMS world, here is a short guide to the terms and acronyms used. Now you can impress friends at parties by using words like “scalability.” (Note: This is a subscribe- for-free site.)

Scott Stratten is a speaker, trainer and the creator of WorkYourLife.com. He can be reached at (905) 844-2818 or Scott@WorkYourLife.com.

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