Nunavut bumping minimum wage by 20 per cent

Wage rising to $8.50 per hour, age differential being eliminated
||Last Updated: 06/23/2003

Nunavut is increasing its minimum wage by more than 20 per cent to $8.50 per hour as of March 3.

Justice Minister and Premier Paul Okalik said the increase will more accurately reflect the cost of living in the territory.

“With this increase, we have the highest minimum wage in Canada, which is driven by the fact that we have the highest cost of living in the country,” said Okalik. “This increase will help provide economic support to minimum wage earners in Nunavut.”

Currently the minimum wage is $7 per hour if a worker is 16 or older and $6.50 per hour if a worker is under 16. There will no longer be an age differential attached to the minimum wage.

The territorial government said the new wage was set after “extensive” consultations with the business community, hamlet councils and public interest groups.

“We heard that the minimum wage was too low and that the two-tiered rate was unfair,” said Okalik. “We listened and we have acted on these concerns.”

Across Canada, the minimum wage ranges from $5.90 per hour in New Brunswick to $8.00 per hour in British Columbia.

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