A tip of the cap to payroll

Survey results shed light on the skills needed for payroll practitioners
By Wendy McLean
|CHRR, Guide to Payroll|Last Updated: 09/13/2004

For a group of people responsible for handing out cheques for hard work, you’d think more people would take the time to shake a few hands and say a word of thanks to the payroll department.

But many employees — and employers — don’t realize that there is more to calculating and processing paycheques than meets the eye. After all, payroll practitioners are the folks who are responsible for compliance, government remittances, pensions and benefits and legislative monitoring for impacts to payroll. Now in its 10th year, National Payroll Week (Sept. 13-17) celebrates the contributions of payroll professionals who keep Canada paid — today, tomorrow and every payday.

Payroll practitioners on behalf of the Canadian employer community annually make more than $180 billion in payroll remittances to the Canada Revenue Agency and Quebec’s revenue ministry and produce more than 21 million T4s and Rl-1s utilized as part of the tax administration functions which allow Canadian workers to settle up their personal tax liability.