Performance appraisals for all

With employers relying on contract staff there’s a need to reconsider performance appraisals. And don’t forget about new employees
By Fred Pamenter
|CHRR, Guide to Training & Development|Last Updated: 11/22/2004

Performance appraisals put staff on the road to success. So why are so many people excluded from the process?

Adding contract staff and new and probationary employees to performance appraisal systems helps focus work and effort, but these workers are too often left out of the process.

Implementing a successful performance appraisal program is not an easy task. The process, even in its simplest form, seems to confound management. Things become even murkier when the idiosyncrasies of non-mainstream employees are injected into the process. Most organizations use a vanilla program for all employees, with little consideration given to whether the program should be modified for different groups of employees.