It takes talent to find talent

Recruiting used to be an entry-level HR position, but those days are waning
By Maureen Neglia
|CHRR, Guide to Recruitment & Staffing|Last Updated: 12/06/2004

How will organizations of the future win the war for talent? Today they spend millions of dollars trying to create competitive recruitment strategies. They try powerful recruitment brands, slick career sites, effective assessment tools and lucrative rewards packages.

But how many organizations are investing the same amount of time and effort into developing recruiter capability? Globally, heads of companies consistently rank the ability to find the right talent to deliver on business objectives as one of their greatest challenges. That makes the recruiter’s role one of the most important in the company.

Given the many recruitment issues that will face organizations over the next decade, one would think developing recruiter capability should quickly be rising to the top of the HR priority list. But, surprisingly, it is not. How does a company put steps in place to ensure it has the right capability to get talent in the door?