Quebec offers up-to-date pandemic information

Health ministry will use website to communicate with public in event of a flu pandemic
||Last Updated: 06/06/2006

A new website gives comprehensive and up-to-date information about a possible flu pandemic.



, created by the Government of Quebec, is part of the communications component of the Quebec Pandemic Influenza Plan.

According to public health authorities, the pandemic will eventually reach Quebec, although it's impossible to predict exactly when.

A simple click takes site visitors to all the information on the various forms of influenza (including the seasonal variety). The site covers modes of transmission and the measures to adopt with regard to prevention and hygiene.

If a pandemic arises, the site will also provide information on its evolution and the steps being taken to deal with the situation, both in Quebec and elsewhere.

Other sections of the site offer information specifically for travellers and companies, which will have to adapt their activities accordingly in the event of a pandemic. In addition, a newsletter for the public, Focus on the flu pandemic, will be available online.

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